New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Father, Community Leader, Speaker, Businessman, Entrepreneur, describes Rashad Cave who was born and raised in the Crestmont Park neighborhood on the Southside of Houston, Texas.  His loving parents, Charles and Susan Cave, instilled and invested civil enrichment and a passion for community partnerships to have a lasting career in politics. 

Rashad is a productive citizen who graduated from Ross Shaw Sterling Aviation Science Magnet High School within the community he was raised.   He excelled through wisdom and intellect and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Marketing and a Master’s in Political Science from Southern University A&M in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  

After returning to his native home, Rashad Cave utilized his leadership skills as an accomplished regional sales manager in the retail industry and embarked upon his new journey to lead his community. Since 2012, Cave has decided to devote his heart and passion into service around Houston, proactively working with youth to instill hope and pride within the community, revitalizing low-income neighborhoods and resolving community issues. Working in the community created a passion for a career change. Rashad Cave decided to transition from a leadership retail position to a full-time public service career working for the Department of Neighborhoods. Rashad Cave currently works daily with City Council members addressing nuisance and violation issues in and around the Houston area. Cave’s journey has by far not been an easy one, but quite fulfilling.  Rashad Cave truly intends to serve the people with confidence, a strong voice and integrity while keeping his love for HOUSTON his number one passion.